List Maintenance

The Four Methods of List Maintenance

E-zine Or Newsletter: The e-zine, or newsletter, is a list of people that you gather, and send information related to your target market on a weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The idea is the useful content that you send them will have them want to keep reading and open your mail each time, keeping your response rates and read rates high.

Ok so here we have it. The staple of most online marketers before they hit is big, and sometimes even after, the well-known e-zine list. I’m sure you’ll already know from reading the intro here that this method in itself can actually become a lot of work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of work, obviously, seeing as I’m sitting here writing a half million word report spread over 15 manuals, but when it gets to a particular point, it may not be prudent for you to run an e-zine anymore. This however is a good place to start if you have the time. Continue reading

The Rating System

The Rating System

Let’s also have a little bit of fun here, too, and introduce a rating system to make things interesting. As we discuss each of these techniques, I’ll talk to you about their pros and cons, and where they would most likely be used, and you can decide if it’ll be relevant to you. I’m also going to give these a starred rating system that will show you the most significant stats related to running such a list. Understand that each list will vary, and these star ratings are only to give you an idea after talking to over a hundred successes with their lists in the following categories. The star rating will be one to five:

Unsubscription Rate: One star means a high unsubscription rate per mailing, and five stars means the best, a low unsubscription rate per mailing. Continue reading

Listen to Your List & Reap the Rewards

The Role of Your List Should Always be at the Front of Your Mind

What’s your list there for? Promotion and to allow you to make money from the subscribers selling products that either you’ve created, or affiliate products in your target market, to build joint ventures, and of course increase your affiliate numbers and quality. But there’s one more thing I want you to be aware of. Where do I get all this information? Through ad tracking, true, but my list is also a very important part of this.
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List Maintenance Methods

Understanding List Management 

Let’s discuss the various methods of list maintenance that have proven successful for many marketers, and the up sides and the downsides that come with them, because to be totally honest with you, there’s no way me, or any other person or guide can ever tell you what’s best in this situation without knowing you, your business, and your future plans, and what you’re going to use your list for.

Please understand that this is no technical report. I won’t be showing you around auto-responders or telling you the best ones to use, or how to use them. No, this is far more important, and will generally form the shape of your future promotions and of course how successful they will become, and in what way.

So without further ado, lets get talking about the fundamentals and the type of things you should be looking at for a start. During this guide we’ll be looking at how each management technique affects your response rate, your customer loyalty, the amount you earn from your list, and what type of promotion it’s suited to, such as your own products, joint ventures or purely affiliate marketing. We’ll also take into account the money you can earn from selling ads to that list, which isn’t quite as important as you may think right now. Continue reading

List Mangement Secrets Overview

List maintenance is one of the most important subjects in online marketing. Your list is your number one and most basic bottom level output for your promotions. It’s expensive and time consuming to gather, but forms one of the most powerful resources and profit potential you have.

For this reason, we need to understand exactly how it works. Throughout my time in online marketing, I’ve tried many different formats. There are clear differences that allow some methods to come out on top, while some fail miserably.

Depending on your business, there are several solutions that might be right for you. For this reason, we need to look at the big five to allow you to decide which one is going to make you the most cash.

Overview of List Management – Part 1

To show you why you need to decide which method you’re going to use to maintain your list before you even start building it for maximum positive effect.

To explain why it’s so hard to change mid flow, once you’ve already started.

To show that to get people to listen and take notice of you and avoid complaints, there’s a few things that you’ll need to tell the customer beforehand. Continue reading