Tips You Need to Know to Grow Your Facebook Small Business Page

Growing your small business using Facebook can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging and frustrating. Here are 4 tips you need to know to grow your Facebook fans and likes.

#1 Make an Offer
Promotions, discounts and free stuff are all very popular on Facebook. It is a way to offer your customers something of great value and they love it! You can offer a discount to anyone that mentions you on Facebook when they shop with you. You can build your reach (likes and fans) by making it simple for your visitors to distribute your message beyond your current fan base and then make it easy to redeem whatever you have offered them (discount or gift).

#2 Boost The Posts That Are Important Continue reading

The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes

The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are at the heart of your Facebook page. You want to build your fans, but you also want those fans to be relevant! So let’s look at the best methods to increase Facebook likes.

Method #1 Increase Facebook Likes Using Contests
One of the easiest methods to interest people and draw them to your page is using contests. People like free items and so you can see why offering something free would increase new fans to your page especially when the condition to entering the contest is that you must like the page first. The lure of winning a prize helps you to target your market and grow your likes.

Method #2 Grow Your Facebook Fans and Likes With Like Gated Coupons
Coupons are another great way to promote your Facebook page. The coupon doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small as 10% off a purchase. It is a great way to provide your audience an incentive to purchase the product(s) you offer and you can still keep your profit margins looking pretty healthy. Continue reading

The Key to Building a Fan Base on Facebook Pages That’s Engaged

The Key to Building a Fan Base on Facebook Pages That’s Engaged

Growing your fan base is an important part of your Facebook Page but what’s just as important is having fans that will engage on your page. This means that you will have fans that will like your page, comment on posts and share posts because they want to, not because they are being enticed to via a prize such as a free giveaway or coupon. It call comes back to providing good content.

What is Good Content?
Good content will play on life, living situations and interests of your target market. It can be related to day-to-day life and should provoke a personal response immediately. It relates to all kinds of content, asks for the opinion of users, and tells interesting stories. What it does is create a town square attitude where users gather to socialize and find something interesting to engage with like minded people. Continue reading

Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Facebook Page Fans

One of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook likes is through the use of Facebook Ads, which allow you to target specific demographics, which means it will allow you to bring the traffic you desire to your page.

Do not confuse Facebook Ads with Google Ads, because they are not the same. Google Ads will show up when a person actively searches your keyword(s). They will usually want to know what you are offering at that time, which elicits a click that is relevant to their search.

Facebook Ads don’t work that way. A Facebook Ad shows up when a person is browsing their News Feed so they likely don’t have any intent to purchase from you at that time. That means you must offer incentives to drive clicks on the Facebook Ad using one of the three methods – coupons, contests, or ebooks. Continue reading

Use Facebook Offers to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

The main goal of your Facebook Page is to grow your likes and your targeted fans. One way to do that is by taking advantage of Facebook Offers. With Facebook offers, you can share a discount with your audience by posting an offer on your Facebook Page.

How to Successfully Design a Facebook Offer

To make sure your offer is claimed as well as shared, you should consider the headline and the image you use along with the value of the offer. Remember, if people don’t understand what your offer is, they might think its spam and hide it from their News Feed or unlike your Page. That is not what you want to happen, so make sure your offer is clear. Continue reading