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Once you have purchased your online business listing, we will need

some important information from you to start creating your website for


We will need the following:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Address
  3. All Phone Numbers (land line, cell, fax, etc.)
  4. 2-5 Images and/or Coupons 
  5. Several paragraphs explaining your business
  6. Hours of Operation
  7. Emails (admin/customer service/support, etc.)


Suggestions:  The images could be a photo of the front of your store,

an image of your product(s), a professional image of yourself, or many

other types of photo’s.  The images need to be clear and sharp to

ensure a professional looking website!

To get some really great idea’s go to the websites on the left column

and pick a business to check out their images.


NOTE:  The billing will have “TCC-FTCAO-E4P-MMP”

on the top.  That is our sites combined in all our businesses

we have associated with Paypal.
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