It is great to have you aboard.  Please read below for the items we need to get your website up and running.

We will do everything in our power to get your site completed  to your specifications.

We will need some important information from you to start creating your website for you.

We will need the following:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Address
  3. All Phone Numbers (land line, cell, fax, etc.)
  4. 2-5 Images and/or Coupons 
  5. Several paragraphs explaining your business
  6. Hours of Operation
  7. Emails (admin/customer service/support, etc.)

Suggestions:  The images could be a photo of the front of your store,

an image of your product(s), a professional image of yourself, or many

other types of photo’s.  The images need to be clear and sharp to

ensure a professional looking website!

You can use the images we have supplied, if you choose to do so.

Please email this information to:  customerservice@forthecincinnatiarea.com



NOTE:  The billing INVOICE will have “TCC-FTCAO-E4P-MMP”

on the top.